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Headhunting process

01. Request for head hunting

  • When request is filed, professional consultant per industry is assigned.
  • The consultant in charge will contact your HR team staff after enterprise analysis and JD examination.

02. Contract conclusion

  • After visiting your company, we conclude a contract including confidentiality, fees and warranty period.
  • We agree on candidates search strategy to fit for your desired talented personnel image, business direction and enterprise culture.

03. Find and recommend candidate

  • We find candidates that fit for your JD based on our DB and in cooperation with domestic and overseas strategic partners.
  • After our interview, we recommend three times the number of key candidates to be actually recruited.

04. Process of employment of customer

  • We organize interview schedule according to your employment procedure.
  • If your company requests, we carry out reputation lookup service for candidates.

05. Decision of employment

  • We coordinate the agreement on annual salary and employment condition.
  • We Candidate sign the final employment contract.

06. Request of fee

  • After being employed by the candidate, we request the fee according to the contract.

07. Follow-up management of candidates

  • We counsel the candidates to deal with stress properly from the cultural differences at the initial stage of settlement.
  • We minimize the conflicts that the candidates feel during the work in consultation with the HR staff.
  • If the candidate retires within the warranty period, we recommend another candidates free of charge.