Sufficient database over 9,300 qualified candidates
including 1,250 pharmacists and 1,050 Ph.D

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Our Strength

Our Strength

 10 qualified specialists with former experience of pharmaceutical industry over 15 years.

 Sufficient database over 9,300 qualified candidates including 1250 pharmacists and 1050 Ph. D and 560 customers.

 Recommendation of only tested and qualified candidate through pre-interview and preliminary reference check of their personality, attitude, driving force, knowledge and leadership.

 Service fee is one or two months of annual salary and in accordance with a type and size of the company and level of difficulty in recruiting.

 Providing a proper candidate in the field of R&D, clinical research, development, manufacturing, quality control, sales, marketing, strategy and planning, administration and global business, especially in AI, big data, open innovation, globalization and biotechnology.